GSN is the ultimate onboarding solution for Ethereum applications

Turn your dapps into apps. Free your users. No more gas.

Open Source Driven

Created as a community effort, GSN is completely open source. You can participate by either running your own relayer using the tools below or by integrating it into your dapp.

10x Your Conversion Rate

Many Ethereum Dapps experience 90% friction when prompting users to install Metamask and buy Ether. Supercharge your onboarding funnel with GSN.

P2P Relayers

Everyone can run a relayer and obtain fees by pushing transactions into the Ethereum ledger. Decentralized and permissionless.

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GSN Tools

In order to pay the gas for the transactions on behalf of your users, you need to maintain an ETH balance. Use this tool to add your application and top up your balance.

See Dapp Tool

Spin up your own relayer and earn fees for every transaction you put on the blockchain. Use this tool to add new relayers and edit their settings.

See Relayer Tool

Users & Alliance

“The Burner Wallet is a quick web wallet used to move small amounts of crypto quickly. Thanks to the GSN sending funds is as easy as a QR code scan.”

Austin Griffith photoAustin Griffith Creator of the Burner Wallet.

“History rhymes  -  and abstracting gas away from first-person Ethereum transactions is like abstracting the friction of dial-up away from internet connectivity as it moved to always-on.

Andrew Redden photoAndrew Redden CTO of Groundhog.

GSN Alliance

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MetaCartel logo
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Spun up from the Metacartel organization. The GSN Alliance was formed to develop, deploy and maintain the system.